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Form and Function

We Made Upgrades

Our decisions on hardware for our product is based on one thing, will we use it for our personal dogs?  If we trust it for our own, we are confident you will too.


The D-Ring sets the standard for pet accessories, providing strength and security for pet owners who demand only the best. Stamped from aircraft aluminum, this product is finished in a black powder coating that looks great and functions even better. With the added bar to hold it in place, you'll never have to worry about it spin and twisting up again.

metal d-rings


Our leash hooks are designed with both functionality and safety in mind. The triangular top ensures that the D-Ring stays in place. Our high-quality hooks are perfect for when you are looking for a reliable, safe solution for their dogs' daily walks.  With 674-pound breaking force made from aircraft aluminum and durability in mind, this leash hook will keep your furry friends secure on walks, hikes, and adventures of all kinds.

Carabiner dog leash hooks

"For the LOVE of our Dog / We'll do ANYTHING for them / and EVERYTHING with them"  jettajacks

TRIANGLES and RECTANGLES - Metal Hardware 

  • No changes here, we have always used welded steel hardware, but you need to know that we do.

  • Nickel Plated for longevity

  • All connections are welded to ensure maximum strength for even the hardest pullers  

welded metal hardware


Our accessory holders, better known as Poop Bag Holder was once metal.  We has since opted for plastic because it's purpose is only to hold bags or your keys and not to add extra weight in your hand.

A curved plastic buckle with the highest tensile strength we can get, provides the optimal security and and confidence while on your adventures.  

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