Jackson Orthopedic Bed
Our Beds aren't for Everybody,

But here is the reason why an Orthopedic Jackson Bed IS the only bed of it's kind and why they are not your average dog beds.


A patent pending design backed by Veterinarians as a truly orthopedic bed for dogs.  The Jackson Bed is a 3 core bed system manufactured completely with Eco-Friendly soy based natural foam and comes as a 3 piece bed module.  The only bed of its design to allow for the expulsion of heat within the mattress itself other than a top-of-the-line human mattress. 

Introduce yourself to a true and safe orthopedic, soy based cooling sleep system pet bed… AND the only one of it's kind GLOBALLY.


Since its introduction, the Jackson Bed has helped Jack get the comfort he needs without the potential negatives associated with traditional foam pet beds.  Other dog beds on the market today truly do not warrant the name therapeutic/orthopedic bed. Jackson has had a number of these so called “orthopedic” pet beds and we have paid a near fortune for them and found every one of them has NEVER stood up to their name.  


JettaJacks has introduced the Jackson Bed with even more innovative designs to provide you with the ease of removing the cover for cleaning and replacing it like no other dog bed on the market.  JettaJacks Patent Pending design gives your dog the pressure point pain relief, heat expelling centre core and our solid base core for maximum support for their entire lives. 


JettaJacks beds come with the following features:


  • Oversize, extra strong double sided zippers located on the backside of the bed, not on the bottom this eliminating the possibilities of scratching hardwood floors.

  • Stain and water resistant covers which can be wiped clean or machine washed on gentle.

  • Fabrics chosen for JettaJacks Bed Collection are of high grade commercial fabrics, specifically designed to be used in high traffic area such as airport, restaurant, and all commercial seating areas, they are resist scratching, rubbing and constant wear. [ BED ARMOUR ] 

  • Our bed mattress with attached bolsters are manufactured in one single unit, all adhesives used in the manufacturing process are a water base adhesive over chemical based adhesives.  

  • All mattresses are constructed of soy based foams which are manufactured for the healthcare industry, making them all human grade materials.

  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam, providing the first layer of support for pressure points at the same time assisting in maintaining the cool temperature of the bed.

  • Reticulated Foam is our centre core within the Jackson Bed.  Reticulated Foam was constructed with the sole propose to allow air to flow through it with little restriction.  This 1.5 inches of air flow foam beneath the cooling gel memory foam increases the beds ability to maintain a constant room temperature not allowing it to overheat as in traditional human beds and pet beds.  

  • JettaJacks utilizes a high density base foam for our pet beds support and bolster structure.  By using a high density foam as the base layer adds national support to the bed.  It acts much like the box spring in a traditional human bed, giving the bed the foundation and support it requires for years of use.  





The Jackson Bed Sleep System is like no other, our mattress design comes with a limited 3 yr warranty.  It will NEVER crush or collapse under normal usage.


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