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The Story Behind the Bed

The Bed Started it

This is Jackson, aka Jack. We don’t have time for the complete story, but it was this boy and the bed you see here that  started the whole adventure.  Today we are known as jettajacks & co.  In 2015, faced with a lack of truly orthopedic beds for him, I set out to design one tailored to address my boy's joint pain.  Going above and beyond I collaborated with engineers and companies specializing in hospital and nursing home beds  After three design iterations, engineers and navigating the patent office, the Jackson Bed was born.  Although temporarily put on hold due to rising costs, the bed is making a come back. 

JettaJacks & Co. has partnered with a company out of Toronto, Canada that specializes in human orthopaedics and rehabilitation equipment that services all of North America.  They have extending their expertise to animal orthopaedics and rehab equipment.  We will soon have a link so that you may once again purchase a truly ORTHOPAEDIC Dog Bed

Our orthopedic bed was just the beginning. We found we were never truly happy with other products we used.  Once again we consulted with veterinarians and animal rehabilitation therapists and professional dog trainers. This then led to the creation of our double-handle leash, specialized Lay Flat Martingale collar,  the "Y"-styled Fluid Motion Harness and now the Ultimate Head Harness.  All backed by professionals within the pet industry, as well as experts in the competitive world of sporting dogs and dog trainers.

Today's Bed

Today Bed is now known as the Recovery Bed for good measure, to assist in joint, arthritic pain and all other mobility issues.

That's was our original intent, to assist in joint, arthritic pain and all other mobility issues.


"For the LOVE of our Dog / We'll do ANYTHING for them / and EVERYTHING with them"  jettajacks

We know that your pet is an important part of your family. That's why we're excited to be developing a new line of health aids for dogs. Our expanded product offerings will include wellness aids designed for your veterinarian and surgical recovery team to improve your pets recovery and lives.

New Things are Coming

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