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The Story Behind the Bed

The Beginning

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In 2015, faced with no true orthopedic beds on the market, We set out to design one tailored to address Jacksons needs directly, joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis.   We collaborated with engineers and companies that specialized in beds that were solely used in hospitals and nursing homes.  If we're going to design a bed that addresses the medical needs for Jackson, then we were going to consult with the experts in the field for humans.


After three design iterations, engineers, veterinarian surgeons input, and then navigating the patent office, the Jackson Bed was in production.


Shortly after JettaJacks & Co. was born.



We are extremely excited to announce we have partnered with The Healing Movement, a company in Toronto, Canada that specializes directly with rehabilitation equipment for dogs that services all of North America.  Their background of expertise is 50 years in human sports rehabilitation directly aimed towards athletes and sport medicine.  What better company to trust your dogs healing and injury recovery to?

Thus, The Healing Movement and the renamed Recovery Bed.


You may once again purchase a truly orthopaedic dog bed that is designed to help alleviate joint and muscle pain, making it ideal for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other mobility issue.


"For the LOVE of our Dog / We'll do ANYTHING for them / and EVERYTHING with them"  jettajacks

We know that your pet is an important part of your family. That's why we're excited to be developing a new line of health aids for dogs. Our expanded product offerings will include wellness aids designed for your veterinarian and surgical recovery team to improve your pets recovery and lives.

New Things are Coming

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