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Our Ultimate Head Harness

The Ultimate Head Harness

Everything we put into our Head Harness is for and about the comfort of your dog.

We believe:

  • Wider webbing and an extra thick padding over the nose is SAFER and is more comfortable for your dog.

  • HD Triangle on both side eliminates twisting the webbing and gives it the proper needed angle to transition into the neck strap.

  • Placing the folds on the outside of the harness creates a smooth and even surface which lays next to your dogs face, comfort comes before beauty.

  • With the back up clip located well to the side of the harness (attaches to your existing collar) it does not interfere with your leash once connected.

"Hello, just received the head harnesses about an hour ago.
Put them on for about five minutes before hooking up the leashes and I think Cinder feels more comfortable wearing this one over her "*****". Buddy likes his too. You are a lifesaver when I say you have created something that Cinder doesn’t mind me putting over her nose and she now walks like her brother. I didn’t have to tell her to walk nicely except when we saw a couple of dogs. I actually forgot she was walking with me that’s how nice it was. I can now walk my daughter and both dogs and not have the stroller going all over the place with Cinders pulling which is a relief. I hope my fiancé sees the same results I did when walking her.
P.S. No more squinty eyes
Thank you JettaJacks

Sarah M.



This harness is designed to give a FULL RANGE of motion to your dog's Deltoid and Tricep muscles when they walk.


Our "Y" style harness will not impede on your dog gait or stride.


JettaJacks uses a HD triangle connector top and bottom, this stops any binding of the webbing at these critical connections points.  Some use D-rings or even round connectors, these can bind, rotate and spin when they need to stay “put” at these locations.

We make permanent connections at critical locations where other harnesses are left free to  rotate when they should not.

Easy on & Easy off with just 2 buckles, your dog no longer has to step into anything.



"Love JettaJacks! We started off buying a collar in eggplant and fell in love. We then looked at the fluid motion harness and the double handled leash (also in eggplant). But the problem was, or so we thought, Ginny was between sizes for the harness and 11 months old therefore still growing. We wanted the second handle on the leash lower. So I messaged JettaJacks and to my surprise they offered to customize the size of the harness and the leash! Just WOW! If you are looking for amazing customer service and a beautiful harness, leash, and collar that can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher look no further than JettaJacks! Thank you for still working and delivering during this difficult time (COVID 19). I also love that you are local! My pups will forever be in JettaJacks!"

Courtnie G.

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Health / Wellness and your Happiness

These are the 3 things that we consider in every product we produce. 

1. Thoroughly tested and vented before it gets in to your hands. 

2. All CANADIAN made


3. Our webbing is from recycled plastic bottles. 

Because we love your dog as if they were our own.

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"Love! Love! Love! I have tried all kinds of harnesses, none of which I have liked, until now! Easy to use, no chaffing, good fit and well made! Also, love the clip-less collar and leash! Thank you for making quality Canadian products!"

Shanin L.