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Since 2016 we've only selected the best materials, ones that we would want to use with our personal dogs.

Our webbing is made from spun recycled plastic bottles (RPET) poly fibres that are thinner than standard.  This allows us to have our webbing woven into a tighter pattern than normal giving it all sorts of benefits.

An Eco-Friendly product, and each of our products are thoroughly tested before they ever hit the market.

Ultimate Head Harness

The ULTIMATE Head Harness that eliminates distraction pulling.   FIVE sizes and THREE colours in stock.  Our #1 SELLER

Fluid Motion Harness

Our Original "Y" Style harness.

Designed for all  shapes and sizes of dogs to give them the most available stride of any harness. 

Double Handle Leash

Designed with a traffic handle at 20 inches to give you greater control while walking with your dog.

Lay Flat Martingale

A Lay Flat Martingale, something you’re not likely ever to seen on a retailers shelf.  When not walking on a leash, it becomes a standard clip collar with no noisy dirty chain hanging in front.


Emma, Emma, EMMA! 

We are a team around here, but when things get a little nutty and custom orders need to be made... We count on Emma!   Oh - and we think that she and Mom drink the same type of coffee.


Favourite Saying - "ugh"


Jenn is not always working here in the office, but when she is, she's cracking the whip!  Jenn is the glue that keeps things together around here.

Favourite Saying - " TODD,  these numbers aren't adding up!  What did you do!? "


Things don't always go as planned;

Adapt, overcome and make it shine! 

Todd tends to take all the breaks that Mom misses.

Favourite Saying - " Please, just give me 5 minutes. "


Better known to everyone as just  "Mom"  ❤️

Don't stand in her way, don't sass back, and don't ever expect her to take a break!  We are certain that it's more than just coffee in her cup. 

Favourite Saying - " Let me tell you, I remember when milk was .05c a quart!  AND it was delivered to your door every morning."


Sarah is new to the jettajacks team, working behind the scenes much like a movie producer would do.  Bringing fresh, new and innovative ideas, she is truly a professionals professional. 

Favourite Saying - " We can do this!"


Oh lord, our acting Health and Safety Officer, resident blog writer with her day to day living experiences since arriving on the scene April 17th 2021.

Favourite Saying - " I need to pee!  Like NOW!"


Second oldest team member at 65.  (She'll tell you she's just 11)  Jetta has been named the Official Treat Tester for 2022.  

Favourite Saying - " You promised me more belly rubs and treats, I want them now."



In support of Brain Injury Awareness and Mental Health

Working with Phoenix Canine Initiative to help provide gear for Therapy Dog training to assist our First Responders.   


Our mission is to provide pet owners with innovative products.  Manufactured of the highest quality materials through our core values and strong beliefs that addresses yours and our pets health and wellness needs.


We look to each other as a TEAM and we value our teamwork.  

We have set the highest of standards for all of our products that we possibly can, first and foremost, the safety and wellness of your dog. 




From walking downtown or to the remote corners of your adventures, jettajacks has you covered.  Made in CANADA with premium recycled webbing from plastic bottles, that has the feel of your favourite sweatshirt in your hands.  

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