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Re-Thinking Dog Gear

and how we use it.

Your Favourite Gear

 Fluid Harness

5 point adjustment = perfect fit

 Ultimate Head Harness

Stop distractive pulling

 LayFlat Martingale

Stylish control collar

 Double Handle Leash

Padded traffic Handle

The Return to our Roots

Health, Wellness & Happiness

We are extremely excited to announce that our original innovative orthopeadic bed has made its return.


Your Favourite Gear


For the Safest and Controlled Walks

Our Fluid Motion Harness, specifically crafted to prevent any accidental dog escapes during walks or runs. With this ideal design and having five adjustable points (excluding our XXS size has 4 adjustments), this harness molds to your dog's body shape while enabling them to have the optimum movement they require for their muscle and bone structure.   ADDITIONAL INFO HERE

Fluid Motion


fluid harness, jettajacks
Ultimate Head Harness, jettajacks


The ULTIMATE Head Harness eliminates distraction pulling.

We know that walking your dog can be a challenging experience, but with the Ultimate Head Harness, you can say goodbye to those struggles. Our harness features wider webbing than others, thicker padding, and innovative triangle pivot points - all aimed at providing you with maximum control while ensuring your dog's comfort. With our side-located safety clip, you have the peace of mind knowing that your dog is secure and safe. Stop the distractive pulling. 


Head Harness

Martingale collar, jettajacks


The most unique martingale you will ever see.

A more user-friendly and effective training tool for your dog.

Our Lay-Flat Martingale offers the convenience of a buckle for easy on and off, while still providing the correction function when needed.  The traditional Martingale collar that we all know slides over your dogs head, and requires constant adjustment.

Our Lay-Flat design eliminates the hanging chain or webbing hoop, this collar aims to be more practical and aesthetically pleasing compared to the traditional Martingale collars.




Improved Control

The Double Handle 6 Foot Leash is comprised of a 6ft leash with a padded second handle located 20" up from the attachment point. 

Our padded traffic handle at this location gives you the optimum control of your dog whether walking on a crowded street or approaching an intersection in traffic.

ALL our leads have an added tag-ring at the top for your waste bag dispensers or anything else you may need to attach.


Handle Leash

Double handle leash, jettajacks

Looking Forward

After a year we knew that we could do more and improve some of the products that were on the market for dogs, so we did just that.  Some of our ideas were complete failures, while others became widely successful.  Those successes are now promoted, used and sold by many dog trainers, rehab clinics, veterinarians and are also sold on many retailers shelves crossed Canada.

Hands free Leash

The best of both worlds


Whether you prefer an over the shoulder or around your waist hands free leash?  We have introduced our Hands Free that does both, better than what you use now.

The days are gone that when your dog pulls it cinches up until you can’t breath or it never fits the way you want.  Make your adjustment as to how you want to wear the Hands Free and that’s it, no more fiddling around, just grab and go.

Take that important message or phone call knowing your dog is secured at your side and you're not dropping things.




Keep them where they belong.  Safe and Secure  *Prototype only at the moment*


We all have had the same problems, your dog steps on the seatbelt release button and they are free roaming the back seat while you are concentrating on your driving.  They are laying down like the good dogs they are, but the seat belt is all tangled around their legs.  So, in the event of a sudden stop the chances of injury or worse, broken bones increases.

JettaJacks has fixed those issues and safety concerns.  Our design works on the same principle as automotive baby seats as well as having the webbing always away from your dogs legs so they cannot get entangled.

Safe, secure and your peace of mind that they are right where you left them. 



Dog Seat Belt

Our Story began here

Jackson and his Bed

This is Jackson, better known as Jack, it was because of him this whole adventure started.


Today we are known as JettaJacks & Co.  named after both of my “kids”,  Jackson and Jetta.  In 2015, faced with no true orthopedic beds on the market, I set out to design one tailored to address his needs directly, joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis.   I collaborated with engineers and companies that specialized in beds that were solely used in hospitals and nursing homes.  If I’m going to design a bed that addresses the medical needs of my dog, I’m going to consult with the people who do it for us, humans.

jettajacks Jackson_.jpg



In support of Brain Injury Awareness, Mental Health and PTSD, while working with Phoenix Canine Initiative and other similar organizations.  Creating and helping to provide gear for Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs training to assist our First Responders.   


Our mission is to provide pet owners with innovative products.  Manufactured of the highest quality materials through our values and strong beliefs that addresses yours and our pets health and wellness needs.


We look to each other as a TEAM and we value our teamwork.  

We have set the highest of standards for all of our products that we possibly can, first and foremost, the safety and wellness of your dog. 


"For the LOVE of our Dog / We'll do ANYTHING for them / and EVERYTHING with them"  jettajacks

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