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"Love JettaJacks! We started off buying a collar in eggplant and fell in love. We then looked at the fluid motion harness and the double handled leash (also in eggplant). But the problem was, or so we thought, Ginny was between sizes for the harness and 11 months old therefore still growing. We wanted the second handle on the leash lower. So I messaged JettaJacks and to my surprise they offered to customize the size of the harness and the leash! Just WOW! If you are looking for amazing customer service and a beautiful harness, leash, and collar that can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher look no further than JettaJacks! Thank you for still working and delivering during this difficult time (COVID 19). I also love that you are local! My pups will forever be in JettaJacks!"

Courtnie G.



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Health / Wellness and your Happiness

These are the 3 things that we consider in every product we produce. 

1. Thoroughly tested and vented before it gets in to your hands. 

2. All CANADIAN made


3. Our webbing is from recycled plastic bottles. 

Because we love your dog as if they were our own.

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Shanin L.

"Love! Love! Love! I have tried all kinds of harnesses, none of which I have liked, until now! Easy to use, no chaffing, good fit and well made! Also, love the clip-less collar and leash! Thank you for making quality Canadian products!"


JettaJacks & Co.

113 Gaylord Rd. 

St. Thomas, Ontario

N5P 3S3  Canada 

​Call:  519-852-2013

Email:  info@jettajacks.com

Things Mom would tell us

growing up.

 “Don’t forget to say please and thank you.”

 “NO Pudding until you eat your dinner.”

 “Let's try not to eat off the floor.” 😉

 “No swimming until 30 minutes after you eat ...  GET BACK HERE! .” 

What does it mean to be Canadian?

We have Bob and Doug McKenzie who introduced the world to the stereotypical Canadian "hoser." For many Canadians, and to the rest of the world, the Canadian brand was one of Mounties clad in red serge, beavers, maple syrup and a country of polite, beer-drinking hockey fans.  We are still all that, and so much more.  We have the loonie, the toonie and milk in a bag.  It's called a toque and a case of beer is a two-four, and don't forget the almighty double-double. We say "sorry", we say "eh",

"Sorry, can ya make my side of fries a poutine, with that there double-double, eh?" 

Oh, and HOCKEY,  don't even get us started about Hockey. 

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