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Active Gear for Active Dogs
For both you and your dog, from recycled plastic bottles with only their health and wellness and your happiness in mind.

NEW Colours are on their way! 

Toreado Red


Shark Skin

Aged Copper

Pink Lady


Nautical Blue

This harness is designed to give a FULL RANGE of motion to your dog's Deltoid and Tricep Muscles when they walk.

Our #1 Seller! 

With  upgraded hardware;  from a metal and hardened plastic buckle , a D-ring incorporating a cross bar to stop twisting and breakage to the metal adjustment slider.  All with our colder climate that active dogs in mind.

Our Slip-On collar also known as a martingale collar is a type of dog collar that provides more control.

"We got our 7 month old lab pup a harness by JettaJacks and it was exactly what we needed. She was pulling like crazy (to a point where I didn’t want to walk her in fear she’d get away on me) and now I feel I have full control of her when I walk her. She didn’t even mind the switch from regular collar to harness either!"

Taylor H.

Extra tight weave so your dogs hairs will not get caught and pulled, metal hardware upgrades for security. 

The second hand hold on our lead is for optimum control of your dog whether walking on a crowded street or approaching an intersection in traffic.  Really, it's designed to give you more control while walking with your dog.

Safety Leashes are  for dogs who walk on harnesses, primarily a head collar harness (as seen in the diagram), or with a body harness. 

"Purchased the leash/collar for my 115lb German Shepard. What a fabulous product! He used to tug and pull me all over, but no more :-) Will definitely recommend to others!"

Cheryl W.

The only non-choke slip lead design, used by 1000's of people while out on their daily walks. 

Jackson Orthopedic Bed

A truly ORTHOPEDIC bed for your aging best friend.  Assists in pain management.


"Such amazing people! Love that it is all Canadian made and out of recycled bottles!

Bought my puppy a leash and I can’t wait to use it! I will be sure to update this with how it goes!"

Cassie M.


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St. Thomas, Ontario

N5P 3S3  Canada 

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What does it mean to be Canadian?

We have Bob and Doug McKenzie who introduced the world to the stereotypical Canadian "hoser." For many Canadians, and to the rest of the world, the Canadian brand was one of Mounties clad in red serge, beavers, maple syrup and a country of polite, beer-drinking hockey fans.  We are still all that, and so much more.  We have the loonie, the toonie and milk in a bag.  It's called a toque and a case of beer is a two-four, and don't forget the almighty double-double. We say "sorry", we say "eh",

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Oh, and HOCKEY,  don't even get us started about Hockey. 

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