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Fully adjustable leash designed for control and walking with your dog at a heel.
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The JettaJacks adjustable leash can be adjusted between 42" and 70" ( roughly 3 feet to 6 feet ) and comes in our 1" width webbing. Depending on your needs, you are able to fully adjust the length for better control in tight spaces or to give them more room to roam.

This is the leash that I grab when I take either of Jetta or Jackie into a public area (ie. the farmers market). I know I have full control and that no one can step between myself and my dog.

This is the perfect leash for;

  • Urban city living where you can find yourself on crowded streets,
  • Training your dog to the heel position,
  • Or, when you wish to have move control while on errands with your dog

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