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Fluid / Double Handle Leash - Very Purple

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If we are offering two different combinations, we’ll add a third one.Matching our two top sellers together!

Fluid Motion Harness and our Double Handled Leash.

Double Handle Leash -

The JettaJacks Double Handle 6 Foot Lead is comprised of a 6ft leash with a second handle located 20" up from the attachment point. ALL our leads have an added tag-ring at the top for your waste bag dispensers or anything else you may need to attach.

Our traffic handle is padded giving you optimum control of your dog whether walking on a crowded street or approaching an intersection in traffic.

Fluid Harness -

This harness is designed to give a FULL RANGE of motion to your dog's Deltoid and Tricep muscles when they walk.Easy on & Easy off with just 2 buckles, your dog no longer has to step into anything.

  1. JettaJacks uses a welded triangle connector at the critical points, centre chest and top of the neck. By using a triangle shaped connecter over a standard D-Ring it gives the best angle to support the chest and neck straps without any binding and twisting of the webbing.It’s a simple thing, but it’s better for your dog.
  2. We have added a second connecting point at the front chest, in addition to the upper back. This gives you 2 options to walking your dog.
  3. Two buckles over just the one buckle option, two is better than one. By using two buckles we eliminate to sliding of the belly strap and have greater adjustments to better fit your dog for their comfort.
  4. All sewn connecting points are made in reverse. This is so that the side that makes contact with your dogs body is as smooth as we can make it for your dogs comfort, Form follows Function.
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