Safety Leash

 It can save your dogs life! 


The shorter end or the end which bears our logo tag is the PRIMARY attachment point, the longer end is your "back up". 

Safety Leashes are  for dogs who walk on harnesses, primarily a head collar harness (as seen in the diagram), or with a body harness. 


The Safety Leash connects the collar and the harness to the leash as one unit.  . This way you're still using the harness to walk your dog, but in the event they are able to wiggle out of the harness (and they DO), the leash is still connected to the collar. for the back up.


You may believe that this will never happen to you and you maybe correct,  however, dogs and puppies are able to wiggle out of a head collar harness very easily and it happens more than you may think.   


On the JettaJacks Safety Leash, the clipped end that is the shorter of the two is the main line and will be connected to the head collar under the chin of your dog.  The secondary end (the longer of the two) is then attached to your dogs standard collar.   Now go for a walk with them and have the ease of mind that you now have a backup to stop them from getting away from you. 


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What does it mean to be Canadian?

We have Bob and Doug McKenzie who introduced the world to the stereotypical Canadian "hoser." For many Canadians, and to the rest of the world, the Canadian brand was one of Mounties clad in red serge, beavers, maple syrup and a country of polite, beer-drinking hockey fans.  We are still all that, and so much more.  We have the loonie, the toonie and milk in a bag.  It's called a toque and a case of beer is a two-four, and don't forget the almighty double-double. We say "sorry", we say "eh",

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