• Urban Slip Lead® 3/4" - All Colours / All Sizes


    Once again, manufactured from recycled plastic bottles we've introduced a 6 foot webbed lead with a built in fully adjustable non-choke slip collar. Designed originally for agility and show, HOWEVER has become one of, if not the easiest of ALL leashes to use.

    We LOVE this leash! 🐾 You will TOO! 


    JettaJacks URBAN SLIP LEAD™ is manufactured in a 6ft over all length with our added tag-ring at the top for your waste bag dispensers or anything else you may need to attach.


    It is manufactured with a non-choke collar directly attached to the lead.  Once pressure is placed into the lead, the collar gives greater control of your dog and then immediately releases the pressure.  The collar attachment is designed so that it will NOT close completely around your dog's neck which result in injuries to your dog.   ​


    Using our 3/4" & 1"recycled webbing over the conventional rope slip leashes, reduces the tightening effect to your dog.  Having the wider surface area increases the comfort level for your dog and reduces the chance of injury to their throat or neck area.


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