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My Gotcha Day and I was a BAD girl this morning. 😔


JackieJo’s Log - Day 365 !!!

Along with my sister Jetta, I needs to apologizes to all the neighbourhood kids this morning. Me’s and Jetta were out back this morning around 6 when low and behold the Easter Bunny came a hoopn’ around the corner from under the deck.

I’s couldn’t contain myself and… well…. Jetta and I’s cornered that fella; Chocolates, coloured eggs and his basket went EVERYWHERE along with fur, when Dads started screaming “NO NO NO!” Jetta and I’s killed the easter bunny, we’s very sorry. True story!

Cheers - JackieJo Out. #coonhound #dog #jettajacks #lifeisgood #JackieJoLog

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