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I’s Kind of a BIG Deal Around Here!


Jackie's Log - Day 366 (in the words of Jackie herself)

Boy - I’s got stuff to smile about, been here one whole year, BIG sis to chill with, dinners on time EVERY morning and EVERY night…and it’s even heated up! Howl at the door, he lets me out. Howl at the door, he lets me in. Three minutes later, HOWL at the door, he lets me out… I IS THE QUEEN! Did I’s mention that I has SIX beds around here too? Just have to bat my eyes and smile. Jetta & I are the reason he can’t have nice things! 😏

Cheers - JackieJo Out. #coonhound #dog #jettajacks #lifeisgood #JackieJoLog

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