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He Lives just to Torment Me!

JackieJo’s Log - Day 498

We’s back from cottage time and I’s thought I’d better start making notes of the last 7 days of adventures. There were a LOT! Just to skim over the highlights, Jetta had a close call and could have drowned, I (YUP me) broke free and ran away, did you know that there are 100’s and 1000’s of square miles in Northern Ontario… It’s a really big place. Not the place you want to get lost in! I tried jumping from the boat as my uncle Eric, cousin Mike and Dad were fishing. The boat wasn’t moving , don’t be silly, I’s not dumb enough to jump from a moving boat! It was close to shore and I’s sure that I’s seen a squirrel that wanted to be chased. Jetta got to kiss lots of fish. OH and don’t’s forget about the Eastern Hog-nose snake in da water that puffed up its head and made uncle Eric jump 3 feet in the boat! Man that was sooo funny! We’s all laughed and laughed at’s him.

But, my first adventure, we’ll start on our last night up there.

I kid you NOT, it took him 6 days to get up here, but up he came just to TORMENT me! We’s were all sleeping soundly by 12 midnight when’s we hear a CRASH, BANG and then a’s BOOM at the front door.

My’s aunt Paula was the brave one to pop her head out the window then the fronts door to see’s if it was a bear, burglar, or the neighbours stealing Dad’s beer! Rocky, it was ROCKY, that little Bas*ard. I swear he’s just can’t go a week without leaving me alone, Oh… and he’s put on a LOT of weight in his travels up here, maybe that’s why it took him 6 days, he must have eaten a ton on the way up.

I’m guessing he will follow us back home, so another 6 days and he should be perched in the tree out back.

Well, I’s need more sleeps, OH we are back to work tomorrow!!

Cheers - JackieJo & Jetta Out. ❤️❤️❤️

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