Why it Came to Be.

  With the help of both Jackson & Jetta each day was a battle, a year and a half of therapy to relearn skills that I took for granted, 20 minutes to decide if it was ice tea or coke that I wanted. To understand that it was a pot I needed to make soup in and, how was it that I was going to get the pot out of the cupboard.  Jack would never leave my side this whole time, he would sit beside me, push up against my leg just to let me know that he understood and had the patience with me that so many others didn’t.  It was at that time Jackson became more to me than just my K9 best-friend, he literally was the only soul that showed me unconditional love. To this day, you will never find him more than 10 feet from my side. Both Jack and Jetta are more than just my furry 4 legged kids, they are the reason I survived, I fought and that I still fight.

  What you don’t know is that through this whole-time Jackson was fighting illnesses of his own; arthritis, hip issues, severe skin allergies to name a few. Once I was able to focus more on what was around me and how life was going to move forward, I needed to give something back to Jackson for what he had done for me. Being a somewhat creative person and having the ability to work through problems to a solution I started to design a truly orthopedic dog bed that he would actually use and gain pain relief for his joints and hips. After presenting the designs to a number of veterinarians and rehab therapists I was asked to make more than just the one for Jackson, they all wanted one for each of their dogs too.

  I grew up surrounded by a lot of people. My dad was a politician and entrepreneur, my mom a retired school teacher, seemed liked they knew everyone that lived in Elgin County and the area. I learned by example as well as observation what it was like to be involved in our community and the need to pay it forward.   There was always a dog on the farm, whether it be dobermans, mixed beagle hounds or just the neighbours dogs, I was never far from a furry “four legger” beside me.

  For 18 years I worked within General Motors dealerships but in the mid 2000’s, I decided it was my time to be on my own so I created Timberwood Landscape & Design Studio.  My Field of Study in College was Forest Technology and my business was an extension of my love of this field and the outdoors. The business was successful and I had a good life. I thought I had it all. That was until 2012 when I found out there was more... 

  In 2012 I was diagnosed with an illness that threatened to take my life. I was left with a traumatic brain injury. Today I am a ABI Survivor. Losing my company, surviving odds that were not in my favour, then becoming a different person, yet still having that old personality hidden deep inside me - I just kept fighting .

  What was born from all this was the Orthopedic Jackson Bed, an orthopedic dog bed that you will not find anywhere else:

  •   A bed that actually lives up to its name.

  •  A bed that was designed for the sole purpose to give Jackson pain relief because my words to him were just not enough.

  •   A bed you would be proud to have in front of your fireplace or in any living room.

  •  A bed that should be used for every puppy to senior dog, for every dog at every stage of their lives.

      Todd, Jack and Jetta.  🐾🐾


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Things Mom would tell us

growing up.

 “Don’t forget to say please and thank you.”

 “NO Pudding until you eat your dinner.”

 “Let's try not to eat off the floor.” 😉

 “No swimming until 30 minutes after you eat ...  GET BACK HERE! .” 

What does it mean to be Canadian?

We have Bob and Doug McKenzie who introduced the world to the stereotypical Canadian "hoser." For many Canadians, and to the rest of the world, the Canadian brand was one of Mounties clad in red serge, beavers, maple syrup and a country of polite, beer-drinking hockey fans.  We are still all that, and so much more.  We have the loonie, the toonie and milk in a bag.  It's called a toque and a case of beer is a two-four, and don't forget the almighty double-double. We say "sorry", we say "eh",

"Sorry, can ya make my side of fries a poutine, with that there double-double, eh?" 

Oh, and HOCKEY,  don't even get us started about Hockey. 

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