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A MUST for Dogs that are easily distracted.
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Refer to SIZING Chart in Order to Get Proper Fit.

NOTE: While measuring your dog, make sure to make the measurement loosely, do NOT make a tight measurement or the head harness will not fit properly. When measuring their neck, be sure to measure as high up on their neck as possible, just behind their ears.

X-SMALL 8.5"-10" 13"-15.5"

Westie / Miniture Poodle / Sheltie / Corgi

SMALL 9"-11" 15"-17"

Schnauzer / Cattle Dog / Scottish Terrier / Treeing Walker Coonhound ( JACKIEJO wears a small )

MEDIUM 10"-13" 17"-21"

Labrador ( JETTA wears a MD ) / Doberman / German Shepard / Husky

LARGE 12"-15" 19"-27"

Newfoundland / Bernese Mountain Dog

Great Dane / Saint Bernard

X-LARGE 14"-17" 21"29"

Each harness is designed to allow their jaw to open so that your dog is able to drink, pant, and even eat a treat while wearing our head harness.We've chosen to use a wider width of webbing as well as thicker neoprene padding for the top of the nose. Compare the JettaJacks Ultimate Head Harness to others on the market, and see the difference.Introducing the JettaJacks Ultimate Head Harness.

We had some reservations in producing a head harness for dogs. Once we did, and had a number of people test them on their dogs that were distracted easily, well, word got out as to our design benefits and the changes they saw while walking their dogs.

Manufactured in CANADA, from quality materials.

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