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The Bed Started it

What also was happening during this time, Jackson was fighting illnesses of his own; calcinosis circumscripta (Calcium deposits within his skin), arthritis, hip issues, severe skin allergies to name a few.


Once I became better equipped to move forward, I knew that I needed to do something for him.  After all, he put my needs ahead of his own.  So, being somewhat of a creative person and having the ability to work through problems to an end solution, I started to design a truly orthopedic bed for him that he would want to actually use and gain the pain relief for his joints and hips.


After presenting the final design to a number of veterinarians and rehabilitation therapists to make sure I was on the right track, they each want one themselves. What was born from all this was the Orthopedic Jackson Bed, an orthopedic dog bed that was not found anywhere else.  A bed that actually lived up to its name.

jettajacks co.

We provide conscious products that are directly related to the Health and Well being of your dog.  All which are manufactured by the hands of Canadians.

The story of JettaJacks actually begins 4 years before it first launched in 2016 I was diagnosed with an illness that threatened to take my life. I was left with an acquired brain injury. Today as a ABI Survivor, surviving the odds, - I just keep fighting.

As every pet company, it all starts with a love of a family pet.  In our case, it was no different.  With the help of both Jackson & Jetta each day was a battle, a year and a half of therapy.  Jackson would never leave my side, he would sit or stand beside me, pushing up against me just to let me know that he understood and had the patience with me.  For the rest of his time  you would never find him more than 10 feet from my side.  Both Jack and Jetta were the reason that I fought and survived each day.

New Ideas

After a year we knew that we could do more and improve some of the products that were on the market for dogs, so we did just that.  Some of our ideas were complete failures, while others became widely successful.  Those successes are now promoted, used and sold by many dog trainers, rehab clinics, veterinarians and are also sold on many retailers shelves crossed Canada.


Sadly we have discontinued the original Jackson Orthopedic Bed… for the time being… but you never know, I’ve heard rumors 😳.  Each year we are committed to looking at ways to improve the Health, Wellness and Happiness of your beloved dogs.  Our story does not end here, it continues.

Meet The Team



Better known to everyone as just  "Mom"  ❤️

Don't stand in her way, don't sass back, and don't ever expect her to take a break!  We are certain that it's more than just coffee in her cup. 

Favourite Saying - " Let me tell you, I remember when milk was .05c a quart!  AND it was delivered to your door every morning."



We are a team around here, but when things get a little nutty and custom orders need to be made... We count on Emma!   Oh - and we think that she and Mom drink the same type of coffee.


Favourite Saying - "ugh"

Operations Assistant 


Sarah is new to the jettajacks team, working behind the scenes much like a movie producer would do.  Bringing fresh, new and innovative ideas, she is truly a professionals professional. 

Favourite Saying - " We can do this!"

Treat Thief 


Second oldest team member at 65.  (She'll tell you she's just 11)  Jetta has been named the Official Treat Tester for 2022.  

Favourite Saying - " You promised me more belly rubs and treats, I want them now."

Health & Safety Officer


Oh lord, our acting Health and Safety Officer, resident blog writer with her day to day living experiences since arriving on the scene April 17th 2021.

Favourite Saying - " I need to pee!  Like NOW!"

The reason JettaJacks is.

Jackson - 2007-2020



Jenn is not always working here in the office, but when she is, she's cracking the whip!  Jenn is the glue that keeps things together around here.

Favourite Saying - " TODD,  these numbers aren't adding up!  What did you do!? "



Things don't always go as planned;

Adapt, overcome and make it shine! 

Todd tends to take all the breaks that Mom misses.

Favourite Saying - " Please, just give me 5 minutes. "

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