So there are a lot of harnesses around, right?


 We are looking for harnesses that allow a full range of motion, that don't cut across large muscle groups found in their chests and upper limbs.  There are also some muscles involved in shoulder extension, that are prone to common injuries. 


Control Style Harness

If we looked at this popular style of harness, and where the harness cuts across the muscle groups, we would see that it crosses the biceps, along with the deltoid, tricep, and chest muscles.

This style of harness works by restricting the dog's range of motion, therefore making it harder for the dog to pull forward, but could potentially cause injury with long term use. 


Sling Style Harness


If your dog is able to "back out" of their harness, it most likely is a sling harness.  Another issue seen with this type of harness is that it constantly sits in the dog's armpit, which can rub and cause hair loss or sores. 


Fluid Motion & Fluid + Harness "Y" Style Harness


With the "Y" style design, it does cut across any of the major muscle groups and it allows full extension of their front legs.  

For medium and large dogs, our FLUID harness is designed to sit 3-4 finger widths behind the elbow.

For small dogs, it is designed to sit 2-3 finger widths behind the elbow.

On our FLUID MOTION harness there are multiple areas to adjust.


  • At the 3-point connection, on their chest -this needs to be seated on the top of their Sternum bone.   It should make a nice V shape around the dogs neck and connect together just below where their collar usually sits behind their head.

  • Adjust the underbelly strap so that  the chest straps sit  2 or 3 fingers widths behind your dog's elbows, while they are in a standing position.

  • To ensure that your harness is not overly tight for your dog, you should be able to run one finger (palm side down) between the harness strap and your dogs body with little to no resistance. 

  • When ordering please make sure that you have the correct measurement of your dog's chest circumference. 


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